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What’s YOUR personal DIGITAL first IMPRESSION ?

How many first IMPRESSIONS do you make in a day?

You know what you WEAR,  how you APPEAR:

What first IMPRESSIONS do YOU make with what you email, twitter, blog, & text? How do you SOUND talking on your Smart Phone?  People you DON’T know ARE listening.

THIS BLOG contains suggestions @ how YOU can be seen in the DIGITAL WORLD:

CLICK the links & CHECK it out: Lists of Do’s and Don’ts,

10 Commandments and Rules no less.

Here is a VIDEO on You Tube. 




About Kathy Fraser

INTERESTS: COMMUNICATIONS: All variations; vocal, written, video; now student at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Charlotte, NC LOVE to TRAVEL: have visited EVERY state in the U.S. except Arkansas and Hawaii. Have VISITED: Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Africa, South and Central America, Mexico and the Galapagos Islands. ART- The work of others, talented artists, Vincent Van Gogh - a favorite and artists from Brown County, IN. SPORTS - Play golf, watch football & basketball, college and pro. The TOUR DE FRANCE is the one sport I want to cover. I am glued to VERSA every year for this race. The BEACH - 30-A in South Walton County FLORIDA is my FOREVER beach

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